Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Aloo Paratha

Aloo/ Potato: 3 medium
Ginger paste: 2 tbs
Chili paste: 2 tbs
Salt to taste:
Aamchur/ dry mango powder: 1tbs
Garam masala: 1tbs

Wheat flour
Ghee/ Butter


Make paratha or medium soft dough using wheat flour, salt to taste and water. Add 2 tbs of oil and mix it till dough is soft. Make small balls about 6.

Boil aloo, remove the skin and mess it. Add ginger, chili, salt to taste, aamchur, garam masala and mix well. Make small balls about 6.

Heat the pan.

Take one dough ball roll it round enough to stuff potato ball in it. Apply oil before putting potato ball. Place potato ball in the middle of paratha. Now cover it from all sides and remove the extra dough from the top.

Flat the stuffed paratha ball and roll it out to round paratha.

Cook paratha on medium flame.

Place rolled paratha onto pan, after 30-40 sec roll it to another side or turn when light brown.
Apply ghee/butter on the cooked side. Turn to another side once light brown. Repeat until fully cooked.

Enjoy with curd, pickle, chole, kaali dal, onion raita and extra butter.

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