Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Channa chaat

Channa chat is my favorite dish. I can eat this at anytime of the day :). I remember eating channa chat every time I go to Juhu beach. My mom used to give me channa chat in my lunch box too. My mouth is watering just by writing this recipe. Must try and highly recommended.

Green channa: 1 cup (if you don't have green can take brown channa)
Onion: 1 small
Tomato: 1 small
Carrot: 1 small (optional)
Beet root: 1/4 (optional)
Muli/ reddish: 1/4 (optional)
Green chili: 2-3
Ginger paste: 1 tbs
Salt to taste
Red chili powder: 1 tbs
Lime : 1/2
Coriander for garnish

Soak channa for 8 hours. Boil it by adding salt and few drops of oil in pressure cooker till 4-5 pressures. Oil helps in boiling channa fast.

Remove access water from boiled channa.

Peel and fine chop onion. Wash and fine chop tomato. Peel and fine chop carrot. Peel and fine chop beet root. Peel and fine chop muli. You can also grate muli beet root and carrot. Wash and fine chop chili. Wash and fine chop coriander.

In mixing bowl add onions, tomato, carrot, muli, beet, salt to taste, green chili, ginger and channa. mix well. Add coriander and mix well. Now squeeze lime and serve hot or cold.

Butter channa chaat:
Everything is same expect before mixing everything,
in butter 2-3 tbs saute onions and other veggies. Mix salt and all masala and in the end channa. Mix everything for 1 minute and take it off the flame. Add lime juice and coriander.
Serve hot.

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