Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Pickle masala paratha

Pickle masala: 10 tbs

Wheat flour: 1.5 cups

Make medium soft dough using wheat, 2 tbs of oil and water. Make about 6 balls.

Heat the pan.

Take one dough ball, roll it just enough to stuff pickle masala. Place 1-2 tbs pickle masala at the center of dough. Cover the pickle masala with dough and remove the excess dough if required. With both palms flat the stuffed dough. Do the same with all the dough balls.

Roll out paratha and place it on the hot pan. Cook it on medium hot flame. Turn paratha once one side is slightly cooked. Apply oil and turn again when another side is cooked. Apply oil again. Repeat the same procedure when both sides are cooked.

Do the same for all dough balls.

This paratha can be enjoyed as quick snack during picnic or travelling.

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