Monday, 18 May 2009

Sprouted mung

How to sprout mung?

Take one cup of mung. Two cup of boiling water. Large bowl. Soak mung (ideally) over night and cover it with the lid. Or soak it for 4-8 hours. Longer the better.

In the morning drain off water. Keep mung in porous container or cloth for 8 hours. Such that air can pass into mung. Or just keep it in the bowl without any lid.

By the end of 8 hours you will notice mung has started sprouting. If you want longer sprouts repeat the procedure. Soak for 8 hours and keep it in airy place for 8 hours.

Sprouted mung ready.

Follow the same procedure to sprout any grains. Example channa, muth, lentils etc.

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