Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Watermelon soup

When I think about watermelon I think of red, sweet, juicy, mouth watering fruit which is refreshing. This fruit also believe to be good for diet and weight loss. Watermelon contains high amount of water. You can eat this in large amount and will give you sense of full tummy.

This way it will help you feel full consuming less amount of calorie.

I must admit, watermelon soup idea is not coming from my head. It originated from my neighbour. Today I tried with my own style and it turned out to be just too good to be true.

It is very good for someone who loves watermelon and doesn't feel like throwing off the skin part and is also looking for loss some weight.

Following recipe will give soup Italian taste. You can make tomato cream, tomato carrot, tomato basil soup, spinach soup, dal soup or add what ever ingredients you have along with watermelon skin to make soup of your taste.

Watermelon skin: 2 large

Tomato: 1 medium (if you don't have any other ingredient, add more tomato)
Spinach: 7-8 leaves
Sprouted mung: handful
Onion: 1/2 medium
Garlic paste: 1/4 tbs
Black olives: handful
Pesto sauce: 1/2 tbs
Freshly crushed black pepper
Salt to taste
water: 1cup

When you have leftover watermelon skin and you are up for a cup of soup reserve the skin and chop of the white and red part as shown in the picture.

Wash spinach, wash and cut tomato in large pieces, peel and cut onions.

Add everything together in pressure cooker.

Cook for 3 pressures. Let the pressure cooker release pressure by setting it aside for 10 minutes. Open pressure cooker and let steam release for 3-5 minutes. Remove / add excess water. Using hand blender crush everything into liquid.

Heat the pot and add soup in to the soup. Let it cook on medium flame. Add salt to taste, black pepper, garlic paste and pesto. Add olives and let it boil once.

Remove from flame and enjoy hot. If you are looking for lose weight avoid bread or croutons. This way you can avoid 100-200 calories. Enjoy soup with some boiled vegetables like broccoli or beans.

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