Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Palak dal

This is very healthy version of dal recipe. There are many ways you can cook palak with dal and this is one of them. Very simple and easy but equally tasty.

Spinach/ Palak: 300gms
Moong dal / split yellow gram: 1 cup
Green chili: 2-3
Garlic: 2 clove
Mustard seeds: 1 tea spn
Cumin seeds: 1 tea spn
Asafoetida: pinch or two
Turmeric: 1 tea spn
Red chili powder: 1 table spn
Coriander and cumin powder/ ghana jeera: 1.5 table spn
Salt to taste
Garam masala powder: 1 tea spn
Tomato: 1 medium

Wash and soak moong dal for 15 minutes.

Wash spinach nicely and chop it.

Wash and chop green chilies into large pieces. Peel and chop garlic into thin slices.

Wash and chop tomato.

Use pressure cooker for this recipe. Heat the cooker and add little bit of cooking oil. Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds and asafoetida once they start to splutter.

Now add garlic and chilies. Add tomato and saute for 1 minute. Add moong dal and mix well. Now add all the masala and mix well. Add salt to taste. Remember spinach is high in sodium so add less salt then required.

Add spinach and add 1/2 cup water. Mix well. Close the cooker and cook till two pressures. Open the cooker once the pressure is off. Now stir well and dal is ready to be served.

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