Wednesday, 9 December 2009


2 cups rice : 1 cup split white urad dal
Salt to taste
Water to soak
Plain yogurt: 1 table spoon

I wasn't successful in one go making Idlis. I tried it again by following recipe and worked out well :). I am happy and so is my hubby.

Take rice and wash it well. It is good to wash it twice. Soak it in warm water.
Take urad dal and wash it well twice. Soak it in warm water.

Soak rice and dal over night. Next morning wash the dal again with two water. In the wet grinder add urad dal with just enough water. Add salt to taste while grinding.
Grind it smoothly fine. Add just enough water to crush dal.
Pour it in a container with air tight lid.

Now add small amount of rice to the wet grinder and add salt to taste.
Crush it on lowest speed and crush it until rice mixture is rough like medium semolina.
Add just enough water to crush the rice. Repeat for rest of the rice.

Mix it with urad dal in the container. Mix the dal and rice mixture well. Taste if salt is to the taste. If not add more and mix well. Add 1 table spoon of plain yogurt and mix well.
Close the lid and keep in warm dry place for fermentation.
I live in cold place so I usually cover the container with warm woolen shawl.
Check after 8-12 hours if the batter has fermented. To check fermentation take a spoon and just raise the batter a bit and you will see small bubbles.
If you don't keep the batter for another 4-6 hours for fermentation.

Once the better is ready you are ready to make idlis. Do not stir the batter.

Get coconut chutney and Sambhar ready.

Add the water in the idli steamer and let water begin to boil.
Apply oil to idli mould. Take a large spoon and add idli batter in each small mould.
Once you are done filling all moulds keep it in the steamer and let it cook for 10 to 15 minutes depending on number of idlis.

Open the steamer and insert tooth pick or knife in one idli to find out if idli is cooked. Knife should come out clean.
Use a butter knief and just lightly insert around the border and move it idlis will come out. Do it with all idlis and take it out in a plate.
Enjoy it hot with coconut chutney and Sambhar

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