Friday, 4 December 2009

Sekelo chevdo

It was difficult to give title to this one. Lot of people call it Chevdo, chevda, chivda. In my house it is called chevdo. I decided to stick with Gujarati name tags. Also the way it is made is very Gujarati too.

This dish is for snacking. Is very light and good for you.

Medium or fine rice flakes :400gms
Dried coconut whole: 1/2
Row peanuts: 1/2 cup
Roasted Bengal gram dal: 1 cup
Poppy seeds / khas khas: 2 table spoon
Sesame seeds: 2 table spoon
Cumin seeds: 1 table spoon
Mustard seeds: 1 table spoon
Oil: 100 - 150 ml
Turmeric powder: 1 table spoon
Salt to taste
Sugar powder: 3-4 table spoon (depending on taste)
Green chilies: 5-6
Curry leaves: handful

Chevda tastes good with thin rice flakes. However I have used medium rice flakes for this recipe.

Usually back home I have seen rice flakes are placed in sun for one whole day to get the moisture out of them. If I want to make sekelo chevdo back in London I can never dream to do so.
I decided to avoid this step and also it is time consuming in our busy life. I carefully checked it for any stones etc. Mixed roasted Bengal gram dal with it and sieve it in a siever with large holes.
Take large pot and add half of the rice flakes mixed with roasted dal. Keep stirring on low flame. Be gentle while you are stirring it as you don't want to break the flakes.
Do it until the flakes are crispy. After 4-5 minutes take couple of flakes in hand and taste it. They should be crispy. Do this for rest of the rice flakes.
Keep aside.

Take dry coconut and take thin chips of it. Use a slicer, peeler or grater. Before you put them to oil keep in mind there cooking time is very low and if they turn dark brownish they will taste bitter.

In a pot heat 50-70ml oil on low heat.
Add coconut chips in the oil. Cook until they turn golden brown. Remove it from oil and spread it over rice flakes.

In the same oil add peanuts on medium heat. Cook until peanuts are fried. Remove it from oil and spread it over rice flakes.
Tip: you can also add almonds, cashew nuts and raisins to this chevdo to make it more rich. I decided not to add high calorie things. You can fry almonds and what ever nuts you want just like peanuts. Do not cook different nut at the same time as their cooking time is different.

Take sugar and churn in into mixture to make sugar powder.

Wash green chilies and curry leaves. Pat dry them.

Cut chilies into small 1cm long pieces.

In another pot take 50-70ml oil. Once the oil is hot add poppy seeds, once it starts to splutter add sesame seeds, then cumin and mustard seeds.
Let it splutter and add chilies and curry leaves. Water should be completely dried from chilies and curry leaves so let it cook until they get all fried up.
Add turmeric powder in the oil at the end. Mix the oil with rice flakes and add salt to taste and sugar powder.

If you want more flavour you can add clove and cinnamon stick along with cumin and mustard seeds.

Tip: If you are not sure how much salt and sugar to add don't rush in. Add little and after mixing up again add little bit.

While the whole thing is hot give it a good mix with hands.
Be careful mixture can be too hot. If you are not comfortable use spatula in each hands.
Once the mixture is mixed leave it open until it gets cold. Do not place it near fan or window. Leave it at dry place. Once chevda is cooled off store it in air tight container and enjoy for 7-10 days with your evening tea or coffee :).

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