Friday, 15 January 2010

Fig and dates peth

Peth is traditional Gujarati Jain recipe. This sweet is made after fasting days. It believe to boost up energy.

This is not the traditional peth recipe I am writing. I have added few more extra bits and reduce the amount of Ghee to make it frequently edible during winter days.

Dried figs: 6-7
Seedless date (red or black): 10-12
Dried coconut whole: little bit less than 1/4
Almonds: 15-20

Walnuts: 10-12 (optional)
Poppy seeds/ khus khus: 2 tea spoon
Edible gum/ goonder: 2 heaped table spoon
Ghee/ clarified butter: 2 heaped tea spoon (take more if you want more rich)
Milk: 2-3 cups

Cut fig and dates into small pieces. Using vegetable peeler make slices of dried coconut and cut them into small pieces. Slice up almonds. Cut walnuts into small pieces.
Heat the pan and add ghee in it.
Once the ghee is melted add edible gum and within no time gum will puff up.
When all gums are puffed add milk. Add 2-3 cups.
Note: Milk will be burnt to make mawa so the process will take longer time if you add more milk but peth will taste better more milk you add.

Add figs and dates along with and cook it on medium high heat. Keep stirring during entire process.

After 5 minutes you will notice milk is starting to get thick and become creamy.

Note: take care when milk is almost gone, that time splashed will fly so stay far from the pan and stir.

Add almonds, walnuts, coconut, poppy seeds and keep stirring.
When milk is almost gone add 1 table spoon of ginger powder.
Peth is ready when you notice ghee starts to come out.
Note: Taste it and add extra sugar if you want. If you avoid it is best.

Let the peth cool down for 1-2 hours and store it in a container. When you want to eat take a spoonful and enjoy. Do no eat more than 3-4 spoon a day. Or if you want you can make small ladoos out of it and store it like that.

Store it in cool dry place for about 8-10 days.

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