Friday, 19 March 2010

Bajri rotla

Bajri/millet flour has less carbohydrate than wheat hence dietitians in India suggest eating Bajri roti over wheat ones specially during evenings.

Hot bajri rotla (for Gujarati) or bajri bhakri (for Marathis) are very tasty. The only difference between rotla and bhakri is latter is bigger and thicker.

Usually preferred with besan/ Bengal gram flour based sabji for example methi pithlaa/methi nu lot walu saak etc.

My great grand mom lived for 100 years and every evening she used to eat bajri rolta's powder soaked in plain yogurt. It is very yummy dish even good for babes. Specially for those without teeth and weak stomach.

Makes 4-5 rotla and 2-3 big bhakri.
Millet flour: 2 cups
Water as required
Ghee/ clarified butter (optional)

Sieve millet flour in a mixing bowl. Add salt to taste and mix well.
Tip: If millet flour is not fresh add warm water to mix the dough.

Add little bit water and start mixing it in the flour.
We want to make medium - soft dough.
Once that is done, massage the dough.
Press the hill of the palm into the dough and push forward with little pressure. Pull that dough and repeat. Do it for 5 minutes. Use both hands for quick result.

Divide dough into equal sized ball. Ball should be little bit smaller than golf ball.
Keep other balls covered when you are working with one dough.

Take one dough ball, keep in under your palm and gently rotate your palm horizontally over the ball to make a smooth surfaced ball.

Roll the dough ball in dry millet dough.

Tip: Before rolling each ball make sure ball is massaged properly, has no cracks and is coated with dry dough. Else it can stick to the rolling surface and you will end up with mess.

Press the dough ball and start rolling it into roti but only little thick. Coat the roti in dry dough while rolling the dough.
Tip: Experts will use just hands to make rotla/bhakri. Novice uses plastic or cloth to roll out rotla/ bhakri. If you are making this for 1st time, follow my above tip and do it as I have written here you will definitely come up with nice rotlas. Do not panic if you mess up with one or two balls. Massage each ball again and start rolling up use sharp turner to pick up rotla from the rolling pan and place it on pan. Cook and roll one at a time.

Heat the pan in the mean time and place the rotla/bhakri on to heated pan and immediately coat the surface with nice layer of water. Make sure water doesn't drip from the edges else roti will stick when you flip over. Cook on medium flame.

After 40-50 seconds flip over using turner and again coat the surface with nice layer of water.
Use kitchen tissue to nicely spread the water if you want to avoid using your hand.Trick is to pour little water in the centre and spread it over to the surface.

Flip over in 40-50 seconds. Cook on both surface until cooked. If you have gas hobs you can place the roti straight over the flame and you will see rotla will fluff up.
Repeat for rest of the dough balls. Massage dough ball if required before rolling.

Enjoy bajri rotla/ bajri bhakri with sabji of your choice. For best taste, apply a layer of ghee on hot rotla.

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