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Basundi is traditional Indian dessert. Usually served with Puri. Basundi is modernised to lots of different flavours like custard apple basundi (seetafal basundi), strawberry basundi etc. These is basic recipe of basundi.

Best served with puri. Little bit thicker and its called Rabdi.

Milk: 1.5 liter
Cinnamon stick: 1 to 2 inch
Whole cardamon: 2-3
Cardamon powder: 1 tea spoon
Almonds thin slices: 1 table spoon
Pistachio slices: 1/2 table spoon (optional)
Saffron: 20 strands
Sugar to taste

I make basundi in microwave. It is easy and do not require to monitor or stir the milk.

The way I do it is I take large glass bowl and add milk. Make sure bowl is only half filled with the milk.

I keep milk in microwave for 5 to 7 minutes and take it out for 2 minutes. This will allow milk to cool off and will not come out of bowl at any time.

I repeat this until milk is reduced to half its size.

[Tip: You can do this on gas but make sure you have non stick thick pan and you keep stirring milk to avoid sticking at the bottom.]

Add milk in large bowl, add cinnamon stick and cardamon pods. We are going to take this out before serving. So make sure you take them out before adding any other spices or nuts later on.

Repeat the process of heating milk in microwave for 20 minutes. You will notice milk has reduced to 1/3.

In the mean time take 1 large spoon of warm milk and add saffron. Crush it using spoon to let the saffron color come out.

Take out Cinnamon and cardamon pods. Add saffron and almonds after 20 minutes. Also add almonds. Add sugar and cook further in microwave for 10 more minutes.
By this milk should reduce to half its size. If you want more thick basundi allow it to cook for longer time.

When the cooking process is over, add cardamon powder and mix well. Let basundi cool down for 1-2hours. Thick layer of cream (malai) will be formed on the surface.
Basundi is always eaten cold. You can prepare in advance and keep it in freeze over night.
Enjoy with puri or just after meal.

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