Monday, 12 April 2010

Apple papaya smoothie

This recipe is very good for those morning when you are filling too full or bloated due to over eating of last night. You are too close to skip your breakfast but skipping breakfast will lower your metabolism. Have a glass of apple and papaya smoothie, it will not only keep up with your metabolic rate but also help your smooth your tummy. This is also very good drink for heart burns or acidity.

I came up with this recipe on my day 1 of GM diet. I am so used to drinking milk every morning and was not sure what should I have for breakfast. It was filling and satisfying. At least I didn't miss my milk that morning :).

Serves: 1
Apple: 1 large (I like gala apple or the green apple, some times I prefer Washington Apples)
Papaya: 1 cup
Sweet basil leaves: 4-5
Raisins: 6-7 for garnish

Peel the skin of papaya and apple, remove the seeds and cut it into rough pieces.
Wash sweet basil leaves and add it to blender or smoothie maker.
Pour it in a glass.
Garnish with raisins.

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