Saturday, 9 March 2013

Hot shot stir fry

It has been ages since I wrote any post. I have been real busy with my toddler. Now its time to shade off excess fat and get that lean body. This recipe is very good. It satisfies your taste buds and fills up your tummy with essential nutrients.

I highly recommend this dish, it is yummy, easy and all that you want.

Serves 2:

Onion: 1 small
Brocoli: 1/2
Mushrooms: 6
Red pepper: 1 medium
Spinach: handful
Vegetarian sausage: 3 (if frozen, remove and keep it outside for 10-20minutes)
Salt to taste
Extra virgin olive oil: 1 table spoon

Soya sauce: 3 table spn
Garlic crushed: 1 table spn
Red chili flakes: 1/2 table spn
Honey: 1/2 table spn
Cheery tomatoes: 5-6 finely chopped
Toasted seasom oil: 1 table spn

Boiled noodles / rice of your choice

Green leaves of sping onions
Freshly crushed black pepper

Mix all the sauce ingredients and keep them aside.

Wash and cut all the vegetables and keep them seperate. Cut them one inch long.  Rough chop spinach.

Cut vegetarian sausage into half and make 1 inch long pieces and cook on non-stick pan on very slow heat for 5-10minutes in total by turning when once side is cooked. One side will take 4-5 minutes. Cooked pieces will have light brown color on them. Remove from heat once cooked.

Boil the noodles or rice if you want to add extra carbs in your dish else you can just skip it.

Take a large wok, heat it. Add extra virgin olive oil and let it heat for 1 minute. Once the oil is hot, add each vegetables in order. Brocoli, stir on high heat for 1 minute, onions, let it cook for half a minute and add rest mushrooms, red peppers, spinach and cook for 1 minute. Add the sausage pieces and salt to taste. Mix well. Add the sauce and mix well. It will not take more then 5minutes for all the veggies to get cooked. It shouldn't be overcooked. Just enough till it has a bite.

Mix noodles or rice. Add more soya sauce if needed.

[Tip: If vegetables leave lot of water, spinkle some flour and mix until the water is turned into nice thick sauce.]

Garnish with greens of spring onion and freshly crushed black pepper. 

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