Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Hand rolled parathas


Mixed following ingredients:
Wheat flour 1 cup
soya flour : 1/2 cup
 finely grated paneer carrot courgette ginger about 1 cup. Finelly chopped coriander 3 large spoons. 
Jeera powder, fennel seed powder, aamchur, salt to taste.
Whole milk: to knead the dough
Oil 2 spoons
Ghee/ butter


Mix well all the dry ingredients and veggies. 
Knead the dough with whole milk and later add oil and press the dough.  Set aside for 10minutes. 
Immediately start rolling the parathas.
Prepare the rolling pan with cling film and press gently with your palm making round circle. If the dough gets sticky take dry flour and roll until you get the size and thickness you want. Heat the pan and shift the rolled paratha on the pan and let it cook on one side, flip over and add ghee/ butter and roast it nicely until all sides are cooked.

This was super hit with my 4 year old son. He is a rice person and hates to chew roti/ paratha. He did not even complain once and nicely ate his paratha. 
It is also good for the occasion when you had super busy day and you want your family to eat balanced meal. This has protein carbs and vegetable along with dairy! Try it!  

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