Thursday, 16 April 2009

Chatpati Roti

Mint: 1/2 cup
Coconut: 1/4 cup
Green chili: 4
Aamchur: 2 tbs
Salt to taste
Wheat flour: 1 cup

Take wheat flour and make chapatti dough with it by adding water and 1tbs of oil.
Make 5-6 balls of same size.

Clean wash and finely chop green chili. Grate coconut. Clean wash and finely chop mint leaves. Mix green chilies coconut, mint, salt, aamchur well.

Take one chapatti ball and roll it to 4-5 cm of radium circle. With a knife remove the 1.5 cm of circle from the center of chapatti.

Now apply thin layer of ghee on the surface and sprinkle it with flour. Add the mint mixture at the centre of chapatti along the entire circumference. As shown in the photo.

Start rolling outwards starting from inner circle of the chapatti such that mint mixture is covered by chapatti. As shown in the photo.

Once the rolling is done, cut from one side and start rolling outwards to make a shape like Jalebi. As shown in the photo. Do the same for all the balls.

Heat the pan and press the ball and roll it to 4-5 cm of circle. Put it on pan. Cook one side for 1 minute flip onto another side apply oil and repeat the procedure till cooked from both sides.

Serve hot.


  1. That is one innovative recipe manisha! never saw it before done this way :) maybe you can send it to some ongoing blogging competition :)

  2. That is an excellent idea. Do you know any blogging competition or how can you find out of such competition?


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