Thursday, 16 April 2009

Dosa batter

This is very easy recipe to make dosa at home from row ingredients.

Rice (basmati): 3 cups
Spilt white urad dal: 1 cups
[Note: Rice: Dal ratio is 3:1, take small quantity to start with.]
Channa daal: 2 tbs
Methi/Fenugreek seeds: 1/2 tbs
Yogurt: 1 tbs
Salt to taste
Mixture Grinder with sharp blades

Mix Rice, urad dal, channa dal, methi seeds in a large pot. Add double quantity of boiling water. Cover with a lid. Soak for 8-12 hours. Channa dal makes dosa crispy. Methi helps in digestion.

Remove access water and keep it aside. Add little bit of soaked grain into mixture grinder and add as little water as possible. Grind till mixture is smooth. Keep adding grains and repeat the procedure for remaining grain. Batter will become nice and soft if you can grind it for long time but becareful it will make motor of the mixture grinder too hot. Grind it after break if required.

The paste will look like as shown in the photo.

Add 1 tbs plain yogurt. Mix well. This helps in fermentation, especially in cold weather country. If the temperature of your house is very low, best is heat oven for 10 minutes and store the container with batter in the hot oven to help fermentation. Oven should be turned off when container is inside.

Fermentation can take from 5-12 hours. For dosa, batter doesn't need to be over fermented. If you live in cold country 12 hour is fermentation is enough. This batter can be stored in the refrigerator for upto 3 days.

If you do not want to use all batter then take little quantity of batter enough to make dosai, add water in the batter to make consistency which easily drops from the spoon but not too thin, salt to taste and pinch of sugar. Mix well till sugar is melted.

The batter is ready and can be used for uttapam, masala dosa, sada dosa, onion masala, pav bhaji dosa, maysoor masala dosa, noodle dosa etc.


  1. do you grind all the grains together? that's something new for me, though i have thought about it, never saw anybody do it.

  2. yup, everything together. works well. :)


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