Thursday, 9 April 2009

Capsicum Rings

Maida (plain flour): 1 cup
Corn flour: ½ cup
Rice flour: 2tbs
Black pepper powder / freshly crushed: 2tbs
Salt to taste
Capsicum: 2 large
Water: ½ cup
Chaat masala: Enough to sprinkle.


Mix maida, corn flour, rice flour, salt, black pepper powder together.
Add water just enough so that batter drops from the spoon.

Wash, clean capsicum and cut them into rings of 1/2 cm thick in width.

Take oil in deep pan and heat it to fry rings. Once the oil is hot, dip the ring into batter and put them straight into the oil one by one. Fry them on medium high flame until golden brown. Take the ring out of oil once done.

Sprinkle chaat masala on each ring. Serve hot.

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