Monday, 21 December 2009

Potato Pakoda

You gotta believe it to eat it, the super tasty pakodas. Try this recipe and I am sure you will be pleased with yourself.

Potato: 1 large (makes about 12-13 pakodas)
Salt to taste
Oil to fry

Pakoda batter

For garnish:
Chaat masala: (optional)
Black salt and red chili powder mix.

Get Pakoda batter ready.

It is upto you to take the skin off or not. I generally like to leave the skin on. Wash Potato thoroughly.

Cut it into thin slices of 2-3 millimeters.

Heat water and bring it to boil. Add salt to water and cook potato slices until it is 80% cooked.

Drain off potato and remove all the water from it.

Add potato slices into the pakoda batter.
Take oil in frying pan and heat on medium flame. To test the frying temperature of the oil add small piece of potato in it and it should come flying up on the surface.

Take each slice and cover it nicely with the batter and drop it carefully in the oil.
To avoid splash of hot oil, trick is to add from the sides of the pan. Keep adding slices until the frying pan is full. Do not over flow else hot oil will pour out of the pan.

Note: When you add potato slice in the oil, batter arround potato will be raised and potato pakoda will be fluffy as well as crispy due to rice flour. If the batter is not raising up, it shows oil temperature is not right. Let it heat up for some more time.
Rotate potato slices after a minute or two. Since potato slices are almost cooked before and batter is very thin cooking time of pakoda are reduced. Fry until each side is golden yellow.

Place potato pakoda on to absorbent tissue paper to remove access oil and sprinkle what ever garnish or not. Chaat masala or black salt and red chili powder mixture.
Enjoy potato pakodas with chutney or sauce of your choice. I love it with tomato sauce and garlic coriander chutney .

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