Friday, 11 December 2009

Veg hakka noodles

Cabbage: 1 cup
Capsicum: 1 cup
Onion: 1 medium
Spring onion: 2
Carrot: 1 medium
Hakka noodles: 1 pack
Green chili sauce: 2 table spn
Dark soya sauce: 2 table spn
Ajinomoto: pinch
Oil: 2-3 table spn
Salt to taste
Wash cabbage, capsicum and carrot. Wash spring onions nicely in between the green part. Peel onion.

Fine chop vegetables into thin slices and keep them apart.
Chinese vegetables are cooked till they are soft and still crunchy. Cooking on high flame helps to prevent water coming out from vegetable are capsicum and it keep them dry.

Add ajinomoto if you feel safe to use it. Kids under 2 and pregnant women should prevent the use of ajinomoto for scientific reasons. Consult your doctor about this if you are in doubt.

Heat the wok on high flame. Add 2 table spoons of oil in wok and once the oil is heated add pinch of ajinomoto.

Add onions and onion part of spring onion. Stir till onions are translucent.
Add carrot and stir for 1 minute. Add capsicum and stir for another minute or two. Finally add cabbage and add salt to taste. Stir well for another minute.
Remove vegetable from the wok as we don't want the heat to cook them further. Add them on to a plate.
Break noodles into small parts.
Take large vessel and pour 3 times of water and bring it to boil. Add salt to taste if the noodles are salt less.
Add noodles in boiling water and add little bit oil and stir occasionally.
Cook until noodles are soft. Drain the water and add 1 table spoon of oil and toss a little in the drainer itself so noodles don't stick to each other.
Do not let noodle stay in hot water. Remove it from there as soon as possible. As noodles will start sticking to each other.

Mix noodles and vegetables:
Heat wok on medium flame and add noodles, vegetables, chili sauce, soya sauce and green part of spring onions.
Stir gently using two spatula in each hand.

When the noodles are mixed. Have a taste and if you want to add any sauces or salt do it while noodles are still hot.

Serve hot. I do like to add little bit of tomato catch up :). These are my favorite.


  1. Hi
    This is Soujanya.Today i tried your receipe Veg hakka noodles.It came out very well.If you have a chance can you post more Indo-chinese receipes like Veg manchurian,Veg fried rice.Thanks so much for your great receipes.

  2. Dear Soujanya,
    I am glad you liked the recipe. Noodles are my all time favorite. Thanks for your message. I know one amazing recipe for fried rice. I will do the recipes requested some time in April or May.


  3. Hi Manisha
    I am waiting for your chinese fried rice receipe.

  4. Thanks for reminding. Will surely do by month end :). Did you go on GM diet?

  5. Hi Manisha
    i am planning to start GM diet in next week.surely let i will post how it works.


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