Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Decorative salad

Spice it up your dinner not by chilies but by decorating a simple dish.

Here I demonstrate how you can decorate a salad serving plate and make it more appealing to eat.

Salad sticks
Clementine (Sweet orange):1-2
Hard skinned tomato: 1
Parsley or coriander: few leaves

Arrange salad sticks on the plate. I have taken cucumber, carrot and celery sticks.

Peel clementine and cut each in half and arrange it on the side of a plate.
Wash and wipe hard skinned tomato. Take a smooth edge sharp knife and start from the top and cut the skin without breaking it. Do it until you have peeled the whole tomato.
With the rough side inside start rolling the tomato skin and do the rolling for the whole skin.

Now carefully reverse it upside side and you will see a beautiful flower.

Place it gently in the center of the plate.
Take parsley leaves and place it in between each orange slice.
Isn't this salad looking tempting ? When your husband comes home offer him to eat the red rose and tell him its your love :) see how his heart melts for you :).

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