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Puliyogare is a very yummy tamarind rice recipe. Famous in south of India. This is good for lunch with plain yogurt of any curry of your choice.

This is good for picnics or party.

Serves: 4

Tamarind paste:
Bengal gram dal: 1 large spoon
White split urad dal: 1 large spoon
Mustard seeds: 2 tea spoon
Peanuts: 1-2 spoon
Cashew nuts pieces: 2 table spoon
Green chilies: 3-4
Curry leaves: 12-15
Red chili whole: 2-3 (cut it into small pieces if its a big one)
Tamarind: 2 large spoon (handful)
Oil: 2 large spoon
Jaggery: 1 table spoon
Asafoetida: pinch

Salt to taste

Turmeric: 1/2 tea spoon
Oil few drops
Rice: 3 cups
Water: 6cups


Tamarind paste:
Wash and slit green chilies.

Remove seeds from tamarind and soak it for 1-2 hours in warm water. Squeeze the tamarind and remove any hard skin and stone if any. Add jaggary in the tamarind paste and allow it to melt.

Heat a pan and add oil. Add Bengal gram dal in hot oil and urad dal. Let them change color and add mustard seeds.
When seeds starts to splutter add asafoetida. Add peanuts and cashew nuts. Add red chili whole.
After they start to change color add green chilies and curry leaves.
When chilies start to cook add tamarind paste.
We will cook this on medium - high flame and allow it to cook until water is evaporated and oil starts to come out of the tamarind paste.

This will take 7-10 minutes. Towards the end add salt to taste. Keep stirring occasionally.
Wash and soak rice for 20 minutes. Allow it to cook in double amount of water. Add turmeric and few drops of oil in the water before adding the rice in boiling water.
[Note: if you want rice grains to stay separate and not stick to each other, add cold water as soon as the rice is cooked and drain it off]

Rice will be cooked in 10 minutes of so.

Mix tamarind paste in the rice and with gently mix it into rice. Keep aside for 20 minutes of so to allow flavour to absorb in the rice.
Serve hot with plain yogurt of any curry of your choice.

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  1. This was fantastic much better than Priya Puliogre mix.


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