Sunday, 21 February 2010

Tomato chutney

You have to try this recipe. I had some friends over for a weekend and I knew I can learn this chutney from the wife. I asked her to teach me this chutney as I always loved tomato chutney I get in Chennai Dosa restaurant.

This turned out to be the best tomato chutney I ever had any where.

The possibility to eat this chutney with are endless. You can eat this with dosa, idli, rice, roti, dhokla or just own its own. It is also important that you stop eating at one point :).

You can keep this chutney for 3-4 days.

Bengal gram dal: 1 large spoon
White split urad dal: 1 large spoon
Peanuts: 2 spoon
Tamarind: 1 spoon
Garlic paste: 2 tea spoon
Tomato: 3 medium
Green chili: 3
Salt to taste
Oil: 3 table spoon
Coriander: handful

Wash tomato, chili, coriander. Rough chop them.

Heat the pan and add oil. Add Bengal gram and urad dal.
After a minute add peanuts.
Cook until peanuts start to fry and skin cracks.
Remove it in a bowl or plate without oil.
We will use the oil to saute tomatoes. Heat the same pan with the remaining oil again. Add garlic, chilies, and tomatoes.
Cook for 2-3 minutes until tomatoes are soft. Add coriander and tamarind.

And remove from heat. Let the dal and tomato cool off before blending into chutney for 10-20 minutes.

First we will crush the dals and peanuts.
Add tomatoes in and salt to taste. Crush again to make a smooth paste.
Take it out in a storing container.
Serve with dosa or anything of your choice.

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