Monday, 22 February 2010

Tofu Pav Bhaji Dosa

This is when things to more interesting in my kitchen. I am determined to add more protein to my food and even more determined to find various ways to include grated tofu in my dishes.

When any one asks me what is my favourite dish, I will say pav bhaji dosa. Yes, simple yummy pav bhaji is spread over dosa is my favourite dish :). I remember eating this in Shiv sagar, Mumbai. I miss this soooo much in London.

So one fine day when I had pav bhaji and dosa batter I decided to add little tofu on it and it was just great.

You can be more creative can also add freshly grated coconut along with tofu or even better cheese :).

Click for dosa batter recipe.

Click for pav bhaji recipe.

Dosa batter:
Pav bhaji
Tofu: handful grated
Heat the pan to spread dosa. Let the smoke come out from the surface of the pan.

Spread the dosa batter as shown in the photo.
Take one spoonful pavbhaji
and spread it over.
Spread tofu. If you want you can do little chaat masala, fresh grated coconut, mint leaves chopped, onions chopped etc.
Apply little bit oil on dosa batter surface.

When dosa starts to get brown take it off and fold it as shown in the photo.
Cut them into small pieces. Serve hot with coconut chutney.

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