Friday, 19 March 2010

Wheat grass juice

This blog will show you how to make juice from seed. I have heard lot of good things about wheat grass juice. I decided to try it on. My husband and I started to see positive results in our health.

I had no prior experience of growing. I learnt the right way to do it and sharing it with you.

Row wheat : 1 cup
Water as needed
Soil to grow wheat grass on
Juicer or blender

Growing wheat grass is about two week process.
1. Sprout wheat grass:
This can take up to 3 days. Soak wheat pearl overnight or 8-10hours in warm water. Next day rinse it thoroughly and wash it with fresh water and rinse again. If you do not wash and rinse properly wheat will start smelling.

After rinsing nicely keep it covered for 8hours. Wash and rinse again with fresh water thoroughly. By this time you will start to notice little sprout in the wheat.
We need little more sprout. Wash, rinse and keep it covered for 8 hours until you see sprout coming out of wheat is 2-3millimeter long.

2. Sowing:
Take a tray, you can choose to take the one with or without holes.
Tip: Most of people suggested I take the one with holes as it let the excess water come out of the tray. But make sure you have covered the holes with cling foil or thick paper or a bigger size tray else every time you water or transfer your tray you will have mess and you will hate growing ever again.

Cover the tray with soil and make sure soil doesn't have any lumps, break it with your hands or use some garden tools or for the matter a spoon from your kitchen will do for pot gardening.

Leave 1 inch from the top of the tray and spread out soil nicely. Water the soil to make it damp.
Scatter wheat pearls in a light layer over the soil.
Gently push them in to the soil. There is no need to add more soil on top of wheat pearls, but it won't harm also.
Now water little bit more and sowing process is over.

Cover the tray for 3 days with another tray or black bin bag or keep it in dark store room for 3 days. Every morning water if necessary. You will notice grass has started growing each day.

3. Water and let it grow:
Wheat grass should be at least 7 inch tall before you cut it for juicing. Water every morning. Keep it in sunny place. Wheat grass doesn't require too much sun light. It will take 10-14days to grow before you can start juicing.
4. Cut and juice:
You can use pair of scissors or sharp knife to cut the grass. Cut from the start of green part and leave little bit of white part on for it to grow.

Wash the grass and rinse it. There are special wheat grass juicer available in the market. I simply use blender to make my juice.
Add little bit water in the blender 50ml, wheat grass and blend it. Filter the fiber out and squeeze it.
Pour the juice in shot glasses and have it first thing in the morning on empty stomach for best results. Also it is important to consume the juice as soon as you juice it.
If you want you can add mint leaves and ginger along with. This will help enhance the taste of the juice.

It is very important to be healthy and wheat grass juice will help you detox your body and fight disease.

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