Sunday, 24 October 2010

Aam ras

Aam ras / keri no ras: made of Alphonso mangoes is most heavenly experience one can have during summer months.

Alphonso mango is known as king of fruits and is available in India during May till July.

Here is my version of mango ras recipe and I prefer to keep it thick and as little water as possible.

Alphonso mangoes: 7
Rajapuri mango: 1 or payri mango: 3
Soak mangoes in cold water for 2-3 hours. Mango fruit is hot for body and this will allow cooling of the fruit and will be mild hot on our bodies.
Hold mango in one hand from top and bottom and from another hand press it slightly such that the pulp doesn't force out but mango surface turns from hard to soft.
Repeat this for all mangoes. Take two bowls and add 1 cup water in another bowl.

One by one squeeze the juice out in a bowl. Add skin and mango stone in the bowl with water.
Once you are done squeezing all the mangoes. Wash the skin and stones in the bowl with water and squeeze out all the remaining juice.
Water will turn thicker after washing all the skin and stones.

Mix water part and pulp part together and blend it into smooth paste.
Take a sieve with large whole and filter the mango pulp. This will help remove all the fibers from the mango pulp.
The aam ras consistency should be thicker.

Add one of the mango stone in the bottom of the bowl. This will help aam ras stay fresh and not turn black for 2-3 days.
To make it more interesting add finely chopped mango pieces in the aam ras
and mix well.
Keep this in refrigerator and serve cold with nice chapati and sabzi of your choice.

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