Friday, 17 April 2009

Apple chutney

Some people might find this bit odd. I invented this chutney when I was making chaat and I had no tamarind/ imali or dates/ khajoor at home.

Apple chutney is very good replacement for imali chutney in chaat. If you are in crisis apple chutney comes in handy. I am sure you will appreciate this idea.

Apples: 2 large, more ripe better it is.
Lime juice: 2-3 tbs
Cumin powder: 1tbs
Red chili powder: 1 tbs
[I add peanut, coriander and mint to give it bit pretty look. Apple own its own will turn brown due to oxidisation]
Peanut: 6
Coriander: handful
Mint leaves: handful

Wash and clean coriander, mint. Roast peanut lightly and remove the skin. I prefer to remove the skin off peanut otherwise it will give chutney red color.

Wash and peel and cut apple into dice.

Crush peanut in blender to powder, add apple, lime juice, coriander, mint and salt to taste. Add cumin powder and red chili powder. You can also add green chili if you want. Blend it and crush it to smooth paste.

Apple chutney is ready.

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