Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Garden fresh salad

Salads can be made in various style. Here is my simple approach to add those raw or boiled greens to my diet. This is good as a starter or when you some vegetarian guest at home for a party.

Green beans: 10-12. Wash and cut them in 1 inch pieces.
Celery stick: 2. Wash and cut them into thin 1 inch pieces as shown in photo.
Curly kale: handful. Wash and cut it roughly.
Broccoli floret: 3-4 (or opt for tendersteam broccoli): wash and cut them into thin slices.
Green peppers: 1/4: cut them into think 1 inch pieces
Salsa dip: 3-4 tbs

Boil 2-3 cups of water. Once water is boiling add green beans to it. Allow it to cook it beans are tender. This will take up to 7 minutes. Using big spoon remove all the beans from water. Drain off excess water.

Now add broccoli to same hot water. Allow it to cook till tender. This may take up to 4 minutes. Remove it using big spoon. Add broccoli to cold water to avoid over cooking.

Add kale to water and boil it till tender. This may take up to 5 minutes. Drain off excess water.

Tip: to save time boil all together in order of cooking time and remove them together. After draining off separate them onto a serving dish. Arrange vegetables on a plate as shown and sprinkle salt (optional) and freshly crushed pepper. Enjoy them the salad with salsa dip. Salsa dip has low fat and is better than cheesy dips.

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