Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Moroccan stuffed pepper

This is my quick recipe of stuffed pepper. I am using instant flavoured couscous for stuffing which saves lot of time.

Roasted vegetable instant couscous: 1 pack (take which ever you want)
Red peppers: 2
Courgette: 1/4
Onion: 1/2
Parsley: 4-5 sticks
Olive oil: 1-2 tbs
Cheddar cheese: 6-7 thin slices

Wash peppers. Using a small knife take off the steam and the seeds making an opening for stuffing. Apply 1/2 to 1 tbs of olive oil to pepper from inside. Peel and chop onions to fine. Wash and chop courgette to fine pieces. Wash parsley and fine chop it.
Boil water as per cooking instruction on couscous pack and pour water over it.

Allow to set for 5-10 minutes. Using fork separate out couscous and fluff it.

Add onion, courgette and parsley to it. Add little salt if required. Mix well.

Stuff this couscous in pepper using hands. Try to press it at the bottom while filling up to make it nicely stuffed.

Take few cheese slices and cover it on top.

Take a foil and oil it. Place the pepper on it. Cut off a slice from bottom if pepper is not even from the bottom.

Preheat oven on 220 degrees for 10 mins. Place pepper inside on 150 for 10 minutes and 220 for 5-10 minutes till cheese top is brownish.

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