Thursday, 27 August 2009

Low fat chili garlic hummus

I simply love the hummus you get in super market but it contains lot of fat. Due to my love for hummus I thought of trying out low fat hummus recipe at home. I was happy with the outcome. Hope you like it too :).

Boiled chickpeas: 1 can or 300 gms
Garlic clove: 1-2 (optional)
Olive oil: 1-2 table spoon
Lime juice: 2-3 table spoon
Red hot chilies / red jalapenos: 2-3 (based on your taste)
Note: I prefer red ones as this will not change the natural color of chickpeas.
Salt to taste
Pine nuts: 1 table spoon (optional)

Mix all the indredients in bowl except for oil and lime juice.
Add oil and lime juice straight into the blender or mixer.
Churn well to create slightly coarse paste.
You can ejoy hummus in various way.

With salad:

With stir fry:

Click here - > Pitta sandwich

With sandwich
Toast bread and apply hummus on one bread and butter on another. Add vegetable slices of your choice. Here I have used tomato, cucumber, onion, boiled potato, red pepper. Season it with salt.
Add lettuce and freshly crushed pepper.
Enjoy with mustard and tomato sauce.


  1. Hi Manisha,
    You have a wonderful collection of recipes here. I look forward to trying some soon. Thanks for visting my blog and I hope you will try the Ribbons soon.



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