Thursday, 9 April 2009

Mushroom Tikka

I am proud to present you my professional tikka recipe. Once you try this you will never need to order this in resturant :).

Thick yogurt: 2 cups
Garlic cloves: 2-3
Dry red chili: 3 big
Lime juice: 1-2 table spn
Garam masala: 1tea spn
Salt to taste
Oil: 1-2 table spn
Mushrooms: 12
Butter: 2 table spn

Hang the yogurt in thin cloth for 3-4 hrs.
After 4 hours yogurt will look like this.
To make marinate mixture:
Soak dry red chili in boiling water for 1hr after removing all the seeds.
Chilies will become soft. Put in microwavable container and run for 5-7 minutes on full power until the chilies are soft. Drain the chilies and remove excess water. Cool chilies for 10minutes.
In blander mix together chilies and garlic cloves and make it a smooth paste.
In a large bowl take yogurt, add chili garlic paste, salt and 2tbs oil, lime juice and garam masala. Mix every thing well. Marinate mixture is ready.
Wash, dry and clean mushrooms.
Add them into the mixture. Mix well so mushrooms are nicely coated with the yogurt.
Put this bowl in freeze and let it set for 4-5hours.
Note: Apply cling flim on the bowl before you place it in the freeze. This will avoid your freeze smelling of garlic.

Ajust the oven with the size of skewers. My skewers are small so I am going to hang them on a foiled ovenable bowl.
Pre-heat oven for 10-15 minutes at 200 degree C. Remove the bowl from the freeze.

Melt some butter and keep aside. Insert the skewers in the center of mushroom, leave some space between each mushroom and place another one. Leave enough space at both ends of skewers so they can be placed properly.
Sprinkle some butter onto each mushroom before placing skewers into the oven.
Set oven on 200 degree c and place the bowl or skewers inside.
Note: Mushroom have high water containt and this will drip when mushroom cooks. Place foil paper in the area where butter or water can drip to avoid cleaning.

Keep the 15-20 minutes timer and check after every 5 minutes. Once mushroom are cooked from all sides remove them and enjoy with mint yogurt chutney .
Take the skewers out carefully and place each mushroom in a plate. Squeeze lime Juice on mushrooms. Serve hot and enjoy with mint chatni.

Paneer tikka can also be cooked in the same way. Try to add big chops of tomato, onions and capsicum in the marinate and cook them in same way.

Marinate paneer for minimum 1 hour. More the better.
Place them onto skewers. Apply butter and cook in over for 15-20 minutes on 200degree.
Once cooked on all sides remove and serve on place with mint chutney.

Add little bit of lime juice if you like and serve hot.


  1. does the marinade seem inside the mushroom? or do we need to cut it in half before marinating it?

  2. Mushrooms are very delicate in nature. If you cut them in half they might even shrine. Marination should be well coated on mushroom so you can have a nuce taste when you bite into it.
    I am making mushroom tikka tonight. Will post some pics soon. Thanks for all your lovely comments :)

  3. too good sis keep it up i m proud of u man u have great brains!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Very tempting , will have to try it out soon,

  5. hi i tried this paneer tika today it was awesome himanshu really loved it !!!! ill show u the pic


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